Games that combine exercise and play

Lappset’s Interactive Play products introduce IT-based games to completely new environments, outdoors and public indoor spaces. The Digiplay series includes Sona, musical game platform that encourages dancing and activity with music outdoors, Sutu, an interactive football wall, SmartUs, a versatile interactive learning environment, InGrid, a game unit designed for indoor use, and Lappset Mobile Playgournd, the innovation that takes gaming outdoors. All of Lappset’s Digiplay products combine gaming with playful exercise. Players are immersed in the game and get exercise without even realising it.

Playground for the 21st century

Modern technology enables entirely new forms of learning by combining exercise and play to create games. Interactive Play creates links between children around the world.
Lappset’s Play Evolution philosophy is based on the idea that children grow and develop through play. As younger and younger children spend their time indoors playing computer games, Lappset wants to encourage them to take these games outdoors. The latest innovation in to expand the play and gaming world into the playground using mobile technology.


Sona presentation clip
SUTU preview
Sutu interactive football wall preview clip (Dutch lang.)
21st Century challenges
Reasons why playground of 21st century has to become Interactive to attract more kids