Parkour – for the city youth

Parkour is a young sport in a global sense. It challenges people of both sexes and all ages to test their bodies to the limit. The discipline first saw the daylight in France in the 1980s when a couple of youths interested in jumping, tricks and balancing started to try out and develop the basic movements using the urban environment as their playground.

No special equipment is needed for parkour. It can be practised in ordinary trainers, shorts and T-shirts. It is a trendy sport that encourages even those who have never been active to exercise and do the movements.

Lappset Group Ltd. has designed its parkour equipment and entire parks in collaboration with recognised parkour professionals. See our videos and learn more about Lappset’s and Parkour Academy’s cooperation. In our training video the professionals show the correct techniques for the most commonly occurring movements.

First Parkour parks in Baltics are opened in Estonia – Tallinn and Viljandi and have become very popular among local youngsters, you can see pictures from these areas in our Galleries.


Designing Dash Parkour
How was Lappset Dash Parkour designed and created together with professionals
Dash Parkour Feeling
Lappset Parkour overview
Lappset Parkour presentation video
Park in Netherlands
Lappset Parkour park in Netherlands
Is Parkour Safe?
Viljandi Parkour