Seniors like to move it

Lappset explored the everyday lives of senior citizens and children in daycare in a study conducted in the mid-2000s. This multi-discipline project generated ideas that eventually developed into the Senior Sport concept. Inspired by the research and assisted by experts in the field, Lappset designed a series of fitness equipment specifically for the elderly.

The purpose of the Senior Sport outdoor fitness equipment is to facilitate and enrich the everyday lives of senior citizens through outdoor exercise and the physical fitness and good feeling that this produces. The playful exercises designed for the elderly improve their capacity to cope with everyday tasks. The simple routines are intended to maintain mobility and coordination, and outdoor pursuits together with other people improve mental wellbeing. Senior citizens with good mobility and fitness hurt themselves less often, saving on medical costs, and they can function better in their everyday lives.

Senior sport equipment has gained some popularity in Estonia and Latvia already with first areas opened to public. And these parks have become succesful, proving that Baltic seniors are also ready to exercise and move more if provided a chance. Fixman offers Senior sport products combined with physiotherapyst training sessions and exercise instructions.

The mission of Lappset is to get people to go outside to play and exercise. Actually, although the Senior Sport equipment range is designed for the elderly, it is equally suited for children to play on. A Senior Sport installation can thus become a meeting place for three generation, with outdoor fitness activities for everyone from toddlers to old-timers.

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