Sports and fitness

Lappset sports range includes classic exercise equipment such as railings, barriers, push-ups and ladders, as well as multi functional packages. Sports line also includes mini Arenas, Panna mini football pitches and various sports game equipment.

Lappset Fitness products are designed to maintain and improve physical fitness – step by step. This combination of activity tracks and efficient, CrossFit-based muscle exercises flexibly adapts itself to every person’s individual needs.

These versatile activity tracks build strength and endurance. A variety of training devices keeps exercise interesting and allows for setting specific goals and working efficiently towards reaching them. Everyone is free to use the equipment at their own pace for their personal fitness level – and above all, to cherish the sheer joy of physical activity.

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If you have interest into light-weight sports, you should visit our GYM product range.


Lappset Fitness Tutorials - Barbell
Samples of instruction videos
Lappset Fitness Tutorials - Rope wall
Samples of instruction videos
Lappset Fitness
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Panna football
Panna football demonstration video